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1 Drought variability assessment using standardized precipitation index, reconnaissance drought index and precipitation deciles across Balochistan, Pakistan Ahmed R.,Mahmood B.,Asadullah u.,Jatoi G.,Qaisrani Z.,Nuthammachot N.,Techato K. 2024 Brazilian Journal of Biology 0
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5 Voltammetric sensor for an anti-cancer drug cisplatin based on bismuth nanoparticles/graphene modified glassy carbon electrode Thavarungkul P.,Kanatharana P.,Choosang J. 2024 Talanta 0
6 A poly(o?phenylenediamine) coated aluminum garter spring micro-solid phase extractor for pyrethroids in chili 2024 Food Chemistry 0
7 A novel biosensor method to detect cow DNA in milk and dairy products Buranachai C.,Thanakiatkrai P. 2024 Food Control 0
8 RFM model customer segmentation based on hierarchical approach using FCA[Formula presented] Muangprathub J.,Riyapan P.,Chuarkham K. 2024 Expert Systems with Applications 0
9 Corrigendum: The Egyptian fraction of the form 1/a + 1/b = q?1/pq, (International Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science. (2023), 18(4), (p595–597)) Prugsapitak S. 2024 International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 0
10 Enablers and Benefits of Supply Chain Digitalization: An Empirical Study of Thai MSMEs Kumar A.,Chanchaichujit J.,Upadhyay A.,Balasubramanian S.,Shukla V. 2024 Environmental Footprints and Eco-Design of Products and Processes 0
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16 Use of high pressure processing in combination with acidic electrolyzed water depuration for the shelf-life extension of blood clam (Tegillarca granosa) Benjakul S.,Tsai Y.,Sornying P.,Buatong J.,Palamae S.,Temdee W.,Suyapoh W. 2024 Food Control 0
17 Full genome analysis of a novel genotype of Decapod hepandensovirus 1 (DHPV) infecting Pacific whiteleg shrimp, Penaeus vannamei Han J.,Kim J.,Piamsomboon P.,Jeon H.,Kim B.,Lee C.,Lee J. 2024 Aquaculture 0
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25 Insight into Secondary Inorganic Aerosol (SIA) production enhanced by domestic ozone using a machine learning technique Dejchanchaiwong R.,Cheng Y.,Lin G. 2024 Atmospheric Environment 0
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27 Eco-friendly biocomposite foam from natural rubber latex and rice starch for sustainable packaging applications Chueangchayaphan N.,Ummarat N.,Chueangchayaphan W.,Nooun P. 2024 Express Polymer Letters 0
28 Body Composition as Prognostic Markers for Survival of Patients with Non-Metastatic Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Liabsuetrakul T.,Churuangsuk C.,Taemkaew K.,Khanungwanitkul K.,Tanutit P.,Keeratichananont W. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
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30 In Vitro Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Cholinesterase Activities of Tuna and Chicken Hydrolysates and their Maillard Reaction Products Lomlim L.,Petrat W.,Jongsriwattanaporn M.,Chandarajoti K.,Kara J.,Plubrukarn A.,Premchai P. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
31 In Vitro Bioactivities of Alcohol-Free Benzydamine Oromucosal Solutions Srichana T.,Kongpuckdee S.,Ungphaiboon S.,Ardhanwanich S.,Maneenuan D. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
32 Phytochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Kratom-Containing Formulations of Ya-Gae-Bid-Na-Ron Wungsintaweekul J.,Wungsintaweekul B.,Doloh S. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
33 The hydrocarbon source potential of Permo-Triassic rocks of the Indochina Block adjacent to the Paleo-Tethys suture in Thailand Pongwapee S.,Morley C.,Vattanasak H. 2024 Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 0
34 The Effectiveness of Intraoperative Thoracic Epidural Analgesia in Major Abdominal and Thoracic Surgery and Its Prediction of Severe Pain at Discharge from the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit: A Prospective Cohort Study Saelim K.,Pakpirom J.,Jamisho Y.,Srisintorn W.,Yongsata D.,Chanchayanon T.,Kitsiripant C. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
35 Establishment of Thin Layer Chromatographic Fingerprints for the Quality Control of Chanthalila Preparation, A Thai Traditional Antipyretic Medicine Sakunphueak A.,Anekchai D. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
36 Formulation of Gel Containing Phenylbutenoid Extract for Pain Relief Panichayupakaranant P.,Amnuaikit T.,Gundom T. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
37 Clinical Characteristics and Factors Associated with Mortality of Patients with COVID-19 at Bussarakham Field Hospital: Thailand Iamsirithaworn S.,Chuencharoensuk K.,Chierakul N.,Sangnak K.,Deesiri D.,Akaraborworn O.,Agsornwong K.,Morasert T.,Limsommut K.,Nitikaroon P.,Srisompong J. 2024 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
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40 Process intensification of biodiesel production using pilot-scale continuous multiple baffle reactor with feed distribution Photaworn S.,Prasertsit K.,Thipdech A. 2024 Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification 0
41 Weekly variations of nutrients and their associations with phytoplankton blooms in the urban coastal waters of Andaman Sea coast: A case study in Patong Bay, Phuket, Thailand Sompongchaiyakul P.,Jiwarungrueangkul T.,Kongpuen O.,Sangmanee C.,Phongphattarawat S.,Tipmanee D.,Buapet P.,Yucharoen M. 2024 Marine Pollution Bulletin 0
42 Isolation, purification and characterization of ?-glucan from cereals - A review Taweepreda W.,Arthanareeswaran G.,A.F. I.,Sujithra S. 2024 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 0
43 Green biorefinery of shrimp shell waste for ?-chitin and high-value co-products through successive fermentation by co-lactic acid bacteria and proteolytic fungus Suyotha W.,Cheirsilp B.,Ruangwicha J. 2024 Bioresource Technology 0
44 Efficient laboratory perovskite solar cell recycling with a one-step chemical treatment and recovery of ITO-coated glass substrates Selvanathan V.,Hua Chia C.,Luengchavanon M.,Mebdir Holi A.,Shah Jamal M.,Techato K.,Soheil Najm A.,Dong L.,Chowdhury S. 2024 Solar Energy 0
45 Genetic diversity and population differentiation of wild and domesticated banana shrimp Fenneropenaeus merguiensis: Applications for development of its breeding program Klinbunga S.,Sae-Lim P.,Ninwichian P.,Sakamoto T.,Ratdee O.,Prasertlux S.,Khamnamtong B.,Wisuntorn E.,Soonsan P.,Janpoom S.,Tang S.,Rongmung P. 2024 Regional Studies in Marine Science 0
46 Production of Micro-Lignocellulosic Fibril Rubber Composites and their Application in Coated Layers of Building Materials Somboon P.,Teangtam S.,Yingprasert W. 2024 BioResources 0
47 UPLC-Q-TOF-MS profiling of Viola stocksii Boiss. and evaluation of aphrodisiac potential and risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction Ovatlarnporn C.,Arafat M.,Khan M.,Basit A.,Khan K.,Rahman A.,Ahmad T.,Khan K.,Sripetthong S.,Nalinbenjapun S. 2024 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 0
48 Comparative proteomic profiling represents an inhibition of protein synthesis to regulate osmotic stress in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) embryos Chotwiwatthanakun C.,Roytrakul S.,Ruangsri J.,Withyachumnarnkul B.,Pongtippatee P.,Vanichviriyakit R.,Withyachumnarnkul B. 2024 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - Part D: Genomics and Proteomics 0
49 Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of mono- and diacylglycerols and purification of crude glycerol derived from biodiesel production Chetpattananondh P.,Kungsanant S.,Tabtimmuang A.,Prasertsit K.,Kaewpradit P. 2024 Industrial Crops and Products 0
50 Feasibility study of a Heavy Ion Beam Probe for the Thailand Tokamak-1 Ogawa K.,Shimizu A.,Wisitsorasak A.,Poolyarat N.,Suksaengpanomrung S.,Tamman A.,Isobe M. 2024 Fusion Engineering and Design 0
51 Accelerator and zinc-free prevulcanized latex based on natural rubber-bearing benzyl chloride groups Masa A.,Bunsanong A.,Thongnuanchan B.,Lopattananon N.,Ninjan R.,Salaeh S. 2024 Express Polymer Letters 0
52 Real-Life Efficacy of Tofacitinib in Various Situations in Ulcerative Colitis: A Retrospective Worldwide Multicenter Collaborative Study 2024 Inflammatory bowel diseases 3
53 A hierarchically porous PEDOT embedded cryogel for in-syringe solid phase extraction of parabens in beverages Bunkoed O.,Nurerk P. 2024 Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 0
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56 Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Job Satisfaction Scale for Thai Nurses in Primary Care Units Isaramalai S.,Junprasert S.,Piase? N.,Chaladthanyagid K.,Lagampan S. 2024 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research 0
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60 Characteristics of Vibrio cholerae isolates obtained from shrimp supply chains and inhibitory activities of rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum L. cv. Rong Rian) peel aqueous extract Mitraparp-Arthorn P.,Aksonkird T.,Jantapaso H. 2024 Food Control 0
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65 Theoretical insights into poly(ethylene terephthalate) glycolysis catalyzed by acid-base pairs in Zn-supported MOF-808 metal-organic framework Limtrakul J.,Maihom T.,Probst M.,Boekfa B.,Sittiwong J.,Nilwanna K.,Srifa P.,Treesukol P. 2024 Chemical Physics Letters 0
66 Integration of Ensiled Corncob to Diluted Molasses as Carbon and Microbial Sources for Ethanol Production Chongkhong S. 2024 Trends in Sciences 0
67 Risk Factors Affecting the Bacterial Contamination in Water of Thailand’s Upper South 2020-2022 Noppradit P.,Ruangsombat K.,Cholumpai V.,Lim A.,Pradit S. 2024 Trends in Sciences 0
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69 The effects of mixed proteins on the physical and rheological properties and the sensory qualities of a newly formulated plant-based soup for elderly consumers Kijroongrojana K.,Fuangpaiboon N.,Srijesdaruk V. 2024 Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology 0
70 Does employee resilience work? The effects of job insecurity on psychological withdrawal behavior and work engagement Stosic K.,Phetvaroon K.,Yasami M. 2024 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights 0
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74 Clinical and molecular characteristics of FMR1 microdeletion in patient with fragile X syndrome and review of the literature Limprasert P.,Plong-On O.,Hnoonual A.,Charalsawadi C. 2024 Clinica Chimica Acta 0
75 Influence of prolonged ambient storage condition on the physicochemical properties of uncooked and cooked salted duck egg yolk Noonim P.,Venkatachalam K.,Lekjing S. 2024 Journal of King Saud University - Science 0
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77 Combined effects of nanoplastics and elevated temperature in the freshwater water flea Daphnia magna Peerakietkhajorn S.,Kim H.,Jeong H.,Byeon E.,Sanpradit P. 2024 Journal of Hazardous Materials 0
78 Portable contactless caliper Buranachai C.,Boonmeeprakob K.,Phanpumnak A.,Kanatharana P.,Thavarungkul P.,Chana S.,Punwong C. 2024 Applied Optics 0
79 Prevalence and predictors of sleep bruxism in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and the effect of positive airway pressure treatment Chirakalwasan N.,Chalidapongse P. 2024 Sleep and Breathing 0
80 Advancements in nonthermal physical field technologies for prefabricated aquatic food: A comprehensive review Ma L.,Xiao G.,Li J.,Xie X.,Liu H.,Brennan C.,Li T.,Ying X.,Deng S.,Benjakul S.,Wang F.,Liu D. 2024 Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety 0
81 Mixed Eimeria and Cryptosporidium infection and its effects on pathology and clinical outcomes in juvenile Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) cultured in Thailand Jantrakajorn S.,Tangkawattana S.,Khirilak P.,Sornying P.,Suyapoh W.,Keawchana N. 2024 Journal of Fish Diseases 0
82 Older versus younger patients in robot-assisted radical cystectomy with intracorporeal ileal conduit comparing safety and clinical outcomes Shiroki R.,Kusaka M.,Sumitomo M.,Sasaki H.,Sowanthip D.,Zennami K.,Bejrananda T.,Nukaya T.,Takenaka M.,Ichino M.,Takahara K. 2024 International Journal of Urology 0
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85 A protocol and a data-based prediction to investigate virus spillover at the wildlife interface in human-dominated and protected habitats in Thailand: The Spillover Interface project Phimpraphai W.,Chakngean R.,Prapruti S.,Tanita M.,Paladsing Y.,Makaew P.,Pimsai A.,Samoh A.,Mahuzier C.,Morand S.,Thinphovong C.,Nordstrom-Schuler E.,Soisook P.,Kritiyakan A.,Chaisiri K. 2024 PLoS ONE 0
86 Nano Fe(IO3)3 as a heterogenous catalyst for the photo-Fenton reaction Suwanboon S.,Chakarothai T. 2024 Optik 0
87 CO2 utilization for ammonia removal in skim latex: Processing and rubber properties Khangkhamano M.,Kokoo R.,Myint Maung S. 2024 Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification 0
88 Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Leading Change for Sustainability in Schools Simulation: A Research and Development Project Showanasai P.,Hallinger P.,Nguyen V. 2024 Simulation and Gaming 0
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91 Time in target range of systolic blood pressure and clinical outcomes in atrial fibrillation patients: results of the COOL-AF registry Lip G.,Komoltri C.,Krittayaphong R.,Chichareon P.,Yindeengam A. 2024 Scientific Reports 0
92 Evaluating the molecular and genetic mechanisms underlying gut motility disorders Thapar N.,Bonora E.,Alves M.,Chanpong A.,de Giorgio R. 2024 Expert Review of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 0
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97 Impact of air pollution on cardiorespiratory diseases in Southern Thailand Choosong T.,Buya S.,Lim A.,Saelim R. 2024 Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health 0
98 Enhancing biodiesel production in stirred tank reactors through the implementation of a baffle array: Creating a reactor with unique characteristics Photaworn S.,Prasertsit K.,Thipdech A. 2024 Bioresource Technology Reports 0
99 Prognostic factors and clinical nomogram for in-hospital mortality in traumatic brain injury Jongjit A.,Tunthanathip T.,Phuenpathom N. 2024 American Journal of Emergency Medicine 0
100 2004 Tsunami: Lessons Learned from a Hospital's First Disaster Experience Thisyakorn U.,Lawtongkum W.,Vachvanichsanong P.,Arpornthip T. 2024 Natural Hazards Review 0
101 Impact of Prior Pulsed Electric Field and Chitooligosaccharide Treatment on Trypsin Activity and Quality Changes in Whole and Beheaded Harpiosquillid Mantis Shrimp during Storage in Iced Water Benjakul S.,Hong H.,Zhang B.,Suyapoh W.,Temdee W.,Chanchi Prashanthkumar M.,Mittal A.,Sornying P.,Palamae S.,Bautong J. 2024 Foods 0
102 A Comparative Study of Chemical Profiling and Bioactivities between Thai and Foreign Hemp Seed Species (Cannabis sativa L.) Plus an In-Silico Investigation Dej-Adisai S.,Khanansuk J.,Chandarajoti K.,Sangkanu S.,Pitakbut T.,Phoopha S. 2024 Foods 0
103 Sorption Isotherms and Thermodynamic Characteristics of Gelatin Powder Extracted from Whitefish Skin: Mathematical Modeling Approach Dabbour M.,Nilsuwan K.,Mittal A.,Al-Ghamdi S.,Fikry M.,Benjakul S.,Fulleros R. 2024 Foods 0
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105 Analysis of PAPR reduction of optical-OTFS for 256-QAM using companding and clipping-filtering algorithms Nanthaamornphong A.,Kumar A.,Chakravarty S. 2024 Journal of Optical Communications 0
106 From Shadows to Spotlight: Exploring the Escalating Burden of Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease and Alcohol Use Disorder in Young Women 2024 The American journal of gastroenterology 3
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110 Optimizing prevention strategies for PM2.5-related health risks in Nakhon Ratchasima Limphitakphong N.,Chavalparit O.,Nanthaamornphong A.,Dutta A.,Das U.,Dutta G.,Gupta M. 2024 Environmental and Sustainability Indicators 0
111 Plasma levels of mannan-binding lectin-associated serine proteases are increased in type 1 diabetes patients with insulin resistance Campbell M.,Bro? J.,Scott G.,Kietsiriroje N.,Ajjan R.,Schroeder V. 2024 Clinical and experimental immunology 0
112 Reward Expectancy and External Whistleblowing: Testing the Moderating Roles of Public Service Motivation, Seriousness of Wrongdoing, and Whistleblower Protection Potipiroon W. 2024 Public Personnel Management 0
113 Novel and emerging drugs for the treatment of Crohn’s disease: a review of phase II and III trials Lakatos P.,Wetwittayakhlang P.,Bessissow T. 2024 Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs 0
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115 Recent advances in the treatment of gastrointestinal motility disorders in children Borrelli O.,Ni?? A.,Chanpong A.,Rybak A.,Nikaki K. 2024 Expert Review of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 0
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