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1 Drought variability assessment using standardized precipitation index, reconnaissance drought index and precipitation deciles across Balochistan, Pakistan Ahmed R.,Mahmood B.,Jatoi G.,Nuthammachot N.,Qaisrani Z.,Techato K.,Asadullah u. 2024 Brazilian Journal of Biology 0
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3 ?-amylase inhibitory activity of chitooligosaccharide from shrimp shell chitosan and its epigallocatechin gallate conjugate: kinetics, fluorescence quenching and structure–activity relationship Benjakul S.,Singh A.,Mittal A. 2023 Food Chemistry 0
4 A 1:1 ratio of cannabidiol: tetrahydrocannabinol attenuates methamphetamine conditioned place preference in mice: A prospective study of antidopaminergic mechanism Cheaha D.,Kumarnsit E.,Nukitram J. 2023 Brain Research Bulletin 0
5 A 27-MHz frequency shift keying wireless system resilient to in-band interference for wireless sensing applications Khumsat P.,Boonrungruedee T. 2023 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 0
6 A Comparison of the Cost and Consumption of Sevoflurane and Litholyme at Total Gas Flow Rates of 1 and 2 Liters Per Minute: A Randomized Controlled Trial Jantawong N.,Kitsiripant C.,Boonmuang P.,Liochaichan N.,Chatmongkolchart S.,Tanasansuttiporn J. 2023 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
7 A bundle of human resource practices and employee resilience: the role of employee well-being 2023 Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration 0
8 A portable colorimetric device based on PVDF indicator gel for formaldehyde detection in food and wood products Limbut W.,Kaewnu K.,Boonna S.,Thongprajukaew K.,Chaisiwamongkhol K.,Phonchai A.,Kongkaew S. 2023 Microchemical Journal 0
9 A simple aptamer/gold nanoparticle aggregation-based colorimetric assay for oxidized low-density lipoprotein determination Chunta S.,Khongwichit S.,Swangphon P.,Lieberzeit P.,Choowongkomon K.,Nualla-Ong A.,Nanakorn N. 2023 Talanta 0
10 A wireless smartphone-based “tap-and-detect” formaldehyde sensor with disposable nano-palladium grafted laser-induced graphene (nanoPd@LIG) electrodes Limbut W.,Promsuwan K.,Soleh A.,Saisahas K.,Saichanapan J.,Mak W.,Meng L.,Kanatharana P.,Thavarungkul P. 2023 Talanta 0
11 Acetylcholinesterase modified inkjet-printed graphene/gold nanoparticle/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) hybrid electrode for ultrasensitive chlorpyrifos detection Dechtrirat D.,Prajongtat P.,Sriprachuabwong C.,Theansun W.,Chuenchom L.,Techasakul S.,Tuantranont A. 2023 Bioelectrochemistry 0
12 Antibiotic-resistant Escherichia coli from goat farms and the potential treatment by Acalypha indica L. extract Ngasaman R.,Pomwised R.,Naknaen A.,Wiriyaprom R.,Prochantasene S.,Issuriya A.,Surachat K. 2023 Small Ruminant Research 0
13 Application of Taguchi design in optimization of performance and emissions characteristics of n-butanol/diesel/biogas under dual fuel mode Kathirvel B.,Balasubramanian D.,Goyal D.,Goyal T.,Mahla S.,Goga G.,Dhir A.,Hoang A.,Varuvel E.,Sonthalia A.,Femilda Josephin J.,Wae-Hayee M. 2023 Fuel 0
14 Applying integrated generalized structured component analysis to explore tourists' benefit consideration and choice confidence toward travel appscape Manosuthi N.,Fakfare P.,Promsivapallop P. 2023 Technological Forecasting and Social Change 0
15 Artificial Magnetic Conductor as Planar Antenna for 5G Evolution Phongcharoenpanich C.,Boonpoonga A.,Osklang P.,Kanjanasit K.,Jariyanorawiss T. 2023 Computers, Materials and Continua 0
16 Arundinosides I-IX and graminifolosides A-B: 2R-benzylmalate and 2R-isobutylmalates derivatives from Arundina graminifolia (D.Don) Hochr. with antioxidant, cytocompatibility and cytoprotective properties Lobstein A.,Bont? F.,Olatunde O.,Olatunji O.,Auberon F.,Waffo-T?guo P.,Singh S.,M?rillon J. 2023 Phytochemistry 0
17 Assessment of small hydropower in Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand using GIS-MCDM Bennui A.,Techato K.,Srisuwan C.,Ali F. 2023 Sustainable Water Resources Management 0
18 Axisymmetric loading on nanoscale multilayered media Keawsawasvong S.,Tarntira K.,Intarit P.,Senjuntichai T. 2023 Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering 0
19 Bilateral Orbital Inflammation Associated with COVID-19 Infection: A Case Report and Brief Review of the Literature Sittivarakul W.,Tungsattayathitthan U.,Nonboonyawat T.,Phinitkitanan P.,Sanghan N.,Aryasit O. 2023 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
20 Biodegradable thermoplastic natural rubber based on natural rubber and thermoplastic starch blends Nakason C.,Ritthikan K.,Uttaro C.,Pichaiyut S. 2023 Journal of Polymer Research 0
21 Biologic effects of biosynthesized Oroxylum indicum/silver nanoparticles on human periodontal ligament stem cells Arpornmaeklong P.,Boonyuen S.,Prapaipittayakhun J.,Zheng A.,Apinyauppatham K. 2023 OpenNano 0
22 Biosorption of zinc (II) from synthetic wastewater by using Inula Viscosa leaves as a low-cost biosorbent: Experimental and molecular modeling studies Benguerba Y.,Ahmad A.,Yadav K.,Darwish A.,Rouibah K.,Ferkous H.,Delimi A.,Himeur T.,Benamira M.,Zighed M.,Lemaoui T.,Bhutto J.,Chaiprapat S. 2023 Journal of Environmental Management 0
23 CO2 capture and liquefaction in a novel zero carbon emission co-production scheme for ships by integration of supercritical CO2-based oxy-fuel cycle and ion transport membrane; Energy/exergy/exergoeconomic/exergoenvironmental (4E) and multi-objective optimization Wae-Hayee M.,Fei Z.,Abed A.,Alshuraiaan B. 2023 Separation and Purification Technology 0
24 Characteristic volatile compounds, fatty acids and minor bioactive components in oils from green plum seed by HS-GC-IMS, GC–MS and HPLC Ma L.,Zhang Y.,Ying X.,Benjakul S.,Tian A.,Xu L.,Wang S.,Liu T.,Xiao G. 2023 Food Chemistry: X 0
25 Characteristics of Drug-induced Liver Injury in Chronic Liver Disease: Results from the Thai Association for the Study of the Liver (THASL) DILI Registry Sobhonslidsuk A.,Boonsirichan R.,Chotiyaputta W.,Chamroonkul N.,Chirapongsathorn S.,Sukeepaisarnjaroen W.,Sombat Treeprasertsuk S.,Chaiteerakij R.,Surawongsin P.,Hongthanakorn C.,Siramolpiwat S.,Bunchorntavakul C.,Poovorawan K.,Lawpoolsri S.,Sutivana C. 2023 Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology 0
26 Characterization and photocatalytic properties of BiVO4 synthesized by combustion method Thongtem S.,Kuntalue B.,Wannapop S.,Phuruangrat A.,Sakhon T.,Thongtem T. 2023 Journal of Molecular Structure 0
27 Characterization of novel calcium compounds from tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) by-products and their effects on proliferation and differentiation of MC3T3-E1 cells Sukketsiri W.,Ngasakul N.,Klaypradit W.,Stathopoulos C.,Chockchaisawasdee S.,Tanasawet S.,Aenglong C.,Limpawattana M. 2023 Journal of Functional Foods 0
28 Chemical characterization of Passiflora edulis extracts and their in vitro antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipid activities, and ex-vivo vasodilation effect Chonpathompikunlert P.,Parhira S.,Sukketsiri W.,Daodee S.,Malakul W.,Tanasawet S.,Sutthiwong N.,Tunsophon S. 2023 Journal of King Saud University - Science 0
29 Colistin sulfate-sodium deoxycholate sulfate micelle formulations; molecular interactions, cell nephrotoxicity and bioactivity Srichana T.,Tipmanee V.,Khumaini Mudhar Bintang M. 2023 Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 0
30 Comparison of Hand Hygiene Behaviors among Primary Care Unit Outpatients and Visitors before and after Installation of Behavioral Nudges during the COVID-19 Situation: A Quasi-Experimental Study Kumlungroob S.,Phuttipong N.,Lailamad I.,Angsuwaree C.,Sripaew S.,Wichaidit W.,Thitasomkun C.,Kliangchuai N.,Lertchaiwatpanya P. 2023 Journal of Health Science and Medical Research 0
31 Computational study of the conversion of methane and carbon dioxide to acetic acid over NU-1000 metal–organic framework-supported single-atom metal catalysts Limtrakul J.,Srifa P.,Sittiwong J.,Opasmongkolchai O.,Boekfa B.,Maihom T.,Treesukol P.,Sangthong W. 2023 Molecular Catalysis 0
32 Correlation between image-defined risk factors and surgical complications in patients with neuroblastoma: a retrospective study Sangkhathat S.,Sripornsawan P.,Saksiri P.,Kritsaneepaiboon S.,Choochuen P.,Laochareonsuk W. 2023 Pediatric Surgery International 0
33 Correlation of rheumatoid and cardiac biomarkers with cardiac anatomy and function in rheumatoid arthritis patients without clinically overt cardiovascular diseases: A cross-sectional study Nilmoje T.,Phongnarudech T.,Aiewruengsurat D.,Liabsuetrakul T. 2023 IJC Heart and Vasculature 0
34 Depression and suicidal ideation among Pakistani rural areas women during flood disaster Mushtaque I.,Khalid R.,Sawangchai A.,Raza M.,Fatima S. 2023 Asian Journal of Psychiatry 0
35 Determinant Factors of International Tourists’ Length of Stay: Survival Analysis in the Case of Malaysia Visuthismajarn P.,Kai Xin T.,Mohamed B. 2023 Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 0
36 Development of Gastroretentive Carriers for Curcumin-Loaded Solid Dispersion Based on Expandable Starch/Chitosan Films Wiwattanapatapee R.,Kaewkroek K.,Siripruekpong W.,Issarachot O. 2023 Molecules 0
37 Disposable label-free electrochemical immunosensor based on prussian blue nanocubes for four breast cancer tumor markers Limbut W.,Thavarungkul P.,Kanatharana P.,Kongkaew S.,Cotchim S. 2023 Talanta 0
38 Do stakeholders’ interaction and collaboration influence CSR practice within supplier premises in Bangladesh? A managerial perception study Dellaportas S.,Momin M.,Hossain M. 2023 Social Responsibility Journal 0
39 Dopamine Improves Low Gamma Activities in the Dorsal Striatum of Haloperidol-induced Motor Impairment Mice Samerphob N.,Reakkamnuan C.,Kumarnsit E.,Cheaha D. 2023 In vivo (Athens, Greece) 0
40 Dynamic Response and Molecular Chain Modifications Associated with Degradation during Mixing of Silica-Reinforced Natural Rubber Compounds Dierkes W.,Sahakaro K.,Kaewsakul W.,Kraibut A.,Saiwari S.,Noordermeer J. 2023 Polymers 0
41 Economic cost analysis of air-cooling process using different numbers of Peltier modules; Experimental case study Wae-Hayee M.,Fayed M.,Shi L.,Abed A.,R Abdulghani Z.,Moria H.,Khadimallah M.,Anqi A. 2023 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 0
42 Effect of organic loading rate and effluent recirculation on biogas production of desulfated skim latex serum using up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor Jariyaboon R.,Kongjan P.,Raketh M.,Trably E.,Samahae N. 2023 Journal of Environmental Management 0
43 Effect of surgical experience and spine subspecialty on the reliability of the AO Spine Upper Cervical Injury Classification System Menachem S.,Nieuwenhuijse M.,Rasschaert R.,Robijn H.,Subbiah J.,Dyab A.,Loughenbury P.,Cawley D.,Schmidt R.,Kumar L.,Karim F.,Silk Z.,Parolin M.,Partenheimer A.,Riehle M.,Popescu E.,Konrads C.,Senan N.,Toluse A.,Neves N.,Sunami T.,Kuipers B.,Lambrechts M.,Schroeder G.,Karamian B.,Canseco J.,?ner F.,Benneker L.,Bransford R.,Kandziora F.,Rajasekaran S.,El-Sharkawi M.,Kanna R.,Joaquim A.,Schnake K.,Kepler C.,Vaccaro A.,Asif D.,Borkar S.,Bakar J.,Zagora? S.,Wimalachandra W.,Garashchuk O.,Verd?-L?pez F.,Lofrese G.,Bhatt P.,Obadaseraye O.,Kalbani A.,M?ller C.,Ayhan S. 2023 Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 0
44 Effectiveness of a Nurse-led Program to Enhance Self-efficacy of Pregnant Adolescents and Reduce their Fear of Childbirth: A Randomized Controlled Trial Phumdoung S.,Nooied B.,Chunuan S. 2023 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research 0
45 Efficacy of the antifungal metabolites of Streptomyces philanthi RL-1-178 on aflatoxin degradation with its application to prevent aflatoxigenic fungi in stored maize grains and identification of the bioactive compound Petlamul W.,Boukaew S.,Sriyatep T.,Mahasawat P.,Prasertsan P. 2023 World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 0
46 Electrochemical sensor based on molecularly imprinted polymer cryogel and multiwalled carbon nanotubes for direct insulin detection Limbut W.,Kangkamano T.,Wardani N.,Wannapob R.,Thavarungkul P.,Kanatharana P. 2023 Talanta 0
47 Energy efficiency of bio-coal derived from hydrothermal carbonized biomass: Assessment as sustainable solid fuel for municipal biopower plant Khemthong P.,Rangsunvigit P.,Youngian S.,Sattasathuchana S.,Parnthong J.,Faungnawakij K.,Kitiyanan B.,Grisdanurak N.,Wanichsombat A.,Khunphonoi R. 2023 Applied Thermal Engineering 0
48 Enhanced oral bioavailability from food protein nanoparticles: A mini review Lu Y.,Li L.,Zhang T.,Chunta S.,Chen Z.,Wu W. 2023 Journal of Controlled Release 0
49 Enhancing Functional Properties of Fermented Rice Cake by Using Germinated Black Glutinous Rice, Probiotic Yeast, and Enzyme Technology Boukaew S.,Billateh A.,Mekpan W.,Cheirsilp B.,Sae-Ear N. 2023 Food and Bioprocess Technology 0
50 Evaluation of CMIP6 GCMs performance to simulate precipitation over Southeast Asia Prueksakorn K.,Thongbhakdi A.,Gheewala S.,Kamworapan S.,Pimonsree S. 2023 Atmospheric Research 0
51 External and weak direct products of UP (BCC)-algebras Iampan A.,Julatha P.,Phrommarat N.,Lekkoksung N.,Chinram R.,Chanmanee C. 2023 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 0
52 External direct products on dual UP (BCC)-algebras Iampan A.,Prasertpong R.,Chinram R.,Chanmanee C.,Julatha P. 2023 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 0
53 Factors Predicting Intention to Use Contraceptive Implants Among Pregnant Adolescents in Lower Southern Thailand: A Cross-sectional Study Chunuan S.,Intarached P. 2023 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research 0
54 Fast and sensitive UHPLC-QqQ-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of typical ?,?-unsaturated aldehydes and malondialdehyde in various vegetable oils and oil-based foods Xiao G.,Ma L.,Cui Y.,Wang F.,Liu H.,Cheng W.,Benjakul S.,Peng L.,Brennan C. 2023 Food Chemistry 0
55 Fine and ultrafine particle- and gas-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons affecting southern Thailand air quality during transboundary haze and potential health effects Furuuchi M.,Tekasakul S.,Phairuang W.,Nim N.,Dejchanchaiwong R.,Kaosol T.,Hata M.,Tekasakul P.,Mahasakpan N.,Chaisongkaew P.,Inerb M. 2023 Journal of Environmental Sciences (China) 1
56 Fish gelatin/chitosan blend films incorporated with betel (Piper betle L.) leaf ethanolic extracts: Characteristics, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties Benjakul S.,Gulzar S.,Prodpran T.,Nilsuwan K.,Tagrida M. 2023 Food Hydrocolloids 0
57 How Acquired Log-Distance Path-Loss Equations Affect the Accuracy of Lateration and WCL Methods: An Experimental Comparison Booranawong A.,Auysakul J.,Wattananavin T.,Tanthanuch S.,Jindapetch N.,Buranapanichkit D.,Sengchuai K. 2023 Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology 0
58 Imaging pearls and differential diagnosis of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis: Emphasis on computed tomography Bangchokdee S.,Prapaisilp P.,Srisajjakul S. 2023 Clinical Imaging 0
59 Impact of the adjunctive use criteria for intravascular ultrasound-guided percutaneous coronary intervention and clinical outcomes 2023 Scientific Reports 0
60 Implementation and experimental evaluation of dynamic capabilities in wireless body area networks: different setting parameters and environments Saito H.,Booranawong A.,Sasiwat Y.,Thippun P.,Buranapanichkit D.,Jindapetch N. 2023 Journal of Engineering and Applied Science 0
61 Influence of different vulcanizing agents on structures and properties of sepiolite-filled natural rubber composites Masa A.,Soontaranon S.,Hayeemasae N. 2023 Express Polymer Letters 0
62 Influence of hydrogen injection timing and duration on the combustion and emission characteristics of a diesel engine operating on dual fuel mode using biodiesel of dairy scum oil and producer gas Wae-Hayee M.,Sonthalia A.,Varuvel E.,M Soudagar M.,Yaliwal V.,Lalsangi S.,Banapurmath N.,Balasubramanian D. 2023 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 0
63 Intention towards of Medical Tourism Information through Electronic Word-of-Mouth (EWOM): Assurance, Trust and Satisfaction Rinthaisong I.,Trichandhara K.,Rungklin D. 2023 GMSARN International Journal 0
64 Introduction Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
65 Investigate the physics of instant noodles in a hot cup using Arduino temperature sensors Rakkapao S.,Phayphung W.,Prasitpong S. 2023 Physics Education 0
66 Magnetic fluorescent probe of hydroxylated-halloysite and nitrogen-doped graphene quantum dots in molecularly imprinted polymer to enrich and determine marbofloxacin Bunkoed O.,Sa-Nguanprang S.,Jullakan S.,Pongprom A.,Chansud N. 2023 Microchemical Journal 0
67 Maternal plasma syndecan-1: a biomarker for fetal growth restriction Chaiworapongsa T.,Suksai M.,Juusela A.,Jung E.,Gallo D.,Bosco M.,Diaz-Primera R.,Romero R.,Gotsch F.,Than N.,Tarca A. 2023 The journal of maternal-fetal & neonatal medicine : the official journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine, the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies, the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians 0
68 Mathematical modeling to study the interactions of two risk populations in COVID-19 spread in Thailand Riyapan P.,Shuaib S.,Intarasit A.,Photphanloet C.,Ritraksa S. 2023 AIMS Mathematics 0
69 Microplastics accumulation and human health risk assessment of heavy metals in Marcia opima and Lingula anatina, Phuket Thongnonghin B.,Akkajit P.,Khongsang A. 2023 Marine Pollution Bulletin 0
70 Microwave-assisted vacuum frying of durian chips: Impact of ripening level on the drying rate, physio-chemical characteristics, and acceptability Yamsaengsung R.,Thongcharoenpipat C. 2023 Food and Bioproducts Processing 0
71 Mimicked 2D Scaffolds for Maxillofacial Surgery Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
72 Mimicked 2D Scaffolds in Articular Cartilage Surgery Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
73 Mimicked 3D Scaffolds for Articular Cartilage Surgery Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
74 Mimicked 3D Scaffolds for Maxillofacial Surgery Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
75 Mimicked Biological Function of Scaffolds Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
76 Mimicked Hydrogel Scaffolds for Articular Cartilage Surgery Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
77 Mimicked Molecular Structures in Scaffolds Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
78 Mimicked Morphology and Geography in Scaffolds Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
79 Mimicked Physical and Mechanical Functions in Scaffolds Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
80 Mimicking in Tissue Engineering Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
81 New types of rough Pythagorean fuzzy UP-filters of UP-algebras Iampan A.,Prasertpong R.,Satirad A.,Chinram R.,Julatha P. 2023 Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science 0
82 Non-Cryopreserved Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Graft for Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma Patients 2023 Annals of transplantation 0
83 Nonlinear shear-flexure-interaction RC frame element on Winkler-Pasternak foundation Hansapinyo C.,Chompoorat T.,Sukontasukkul P.,Sae-Long W.,Limkatanyu S.,Damrongwiriyanupap N.,Imjai T. 2023 Geomechanics and Engineering 0
84 Optimal water volume for transportation of male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) Choodum A.,Hahor W.,Nuntapong N.,Saekhow S.,Takaeh S.,Thongprajukaew K.,Esor N.,Malawa S. 2023 Aquaculture Reports 0
85 Photoelectric performance of environmentally benign Cs2TiBr6-based perovskite solar cell using spinel NiCo2O4 as HTL Akhtaruzzaman M.,Shahiduzzaman M.,Muhammad G.,Hasan A.,Rashid M.,Mottakin M.,Sarkar D.,Selvanathan V.,Sobayel Bin Rafiq K.,Ariful Islam M. 2023 Optik 0
86 Photon, charged particles, and neutron shielding properties of natural rubber/ SnO2 composites K?wkhao J.,Kedkaew C.,Kaewjaeng S.,Tuljittraporn A.,Yonphan S.,Chaiphaksa W.,Kalkornsurapranee E.,Kothan S. 2023 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 0
87 Polyaniline-coated glassy carbon microspheres decorated with nano-palladium as a new electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation Limbut W.,Saisahas K.,Saichanapan J.,Promsuwan K.,Soleh A.,Ho Phua C.,Kanatharana P.,Samoson K.,Wangchuk S.,Thavarungkul P. 2023 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 0
88 Population Ecology and Habitat use of the Sea Slug Elysia pusilla (Bergh, 1872) (Sacoglossa) in A Tropical Halimeda macroloba Decaisne Meadow Wangkulangkul K.,Nakpan A.,Mayakun J. 2023 Trends in Sciences 0
89 Potential target identification for osteosarcoma treatment: Gene expression re-analysis and drug repurposing Pruksakorn D.,Teeyakasem P.,Klangjorhor J.,Wongrin W.,Kamolphiwong R.,Kanokwiroon K.,Chaiyawat P.,Settakorn J.,Sangphukieo A. 2023 Gene 0
90 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic properties of Er-doped ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by combustion method Thongtem S.,Laokae D.,Thongtem T.,Dumrongrojthanath P.,Wannapop S.,Phuruangrat A. 2023 International Journal of Materials Research 0
91 Prevention of seminal vesicle damage by Mucuna pruriens var. pruriens seed extract in chronic unpredictable mild stress mice Choowong-In P.,Iamsaard S.,Wu A.,Bunluepuech K.,Sattayasai J.,Kietinun S. 2023 Pharmaceutical biology 0
92 Principles of Tissue Engineering Meesane J. 2023 Engineering Materials 0
93 Production of microalgal biomass and lipids with superior biodiesel-properties by manipulating various trophic modes and simultaneously optimizing key energy sources Phusunti N.,Srinuanpan S.,Liewtrakul N.,Cheirsilp B.,Maneechote W.,Pathom-Aree W. 2023 Renewable Energy 0
94 Properties of Bio-oil and Bio-char from High-intensity Microwave-assisted Pyrolysis of Oil Palm Shell Waste Pianroj Y.,Jansuwan K.,Jumrat S.,Punvichai T.,Karrila S.,Songthongkaew N.,Sirikitputtisak T. 2023 BioResources 0
95 Re: Unplanned Conversion from Partial to Radical Nephrectomy: An Analysis of Incidence, Etiology, and Risk Factors Rathi N.,Attawettayanon W.,Campbell S.,Munoz-Lopez C. 2023 European Urology 0
96 Real-time monitoring of polymyxin B-sodium deoxycholate sulfate binding with immobilized human serum albumin by surface plasmon resonance Srichana T.,Kaewpaiboon S.,Temboot P. 2023 Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 0
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98 Relationship of mental health and burnout with empathy among medical students in Thailand: A multicenter cross-sectional study Karawekpanyawong N.,Ittasakul P.,Sathaporn K.,Pitanupong J. 2023 PloS one 0
99 Responses of rubber tree seedlings (Hevea brasiliensis) to phosphorus deficient soils Klinnawee L.,Bootti P.,Saengwilai P. 2023 Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 0
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101 Risk of thrombosis in essential thrombocythemia according to three prediction models: an external validation study 2023 Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 0
102 Sesquiterpenoid pathway in the mandibular organ of Penaeus monodon: Cloning, expression, characterization of PmJHAMT and its alteration response to eyestalk ablation Vanichviriyakit R.,Kruangkum T.,Chotwiwatthanakun C.,Semchuchot W.,Santimanawong W.,Thaijongrak P.,Withyachumnarnkul B. 2023 General and Comparative Endocrinology 0
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104 Single-step salt-template-based scalable production of 2D carbon sheets heterostructured with nickel nanocatalysts for lowering overpotential of hydrogen evolution reaction Ou J.,Thammakhet-Buranachai C.,Jeerapan I.,Yang Y.,Luan Y.,Ren B.,Yi Q.,Han P.,Xu K.,Yu H.,Yang F.,Zhang B. 2023 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 0
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106 The Effect of Customized Insole Pads on Plantar Pressure Distribution in a Diabetic Foot with Neuropathy: Material and Design Study Using Finite Element Analysis Approach Chatpun S.,Srewaradachpisal S.,Chong D.,Nouman M. 2023 Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 0
107 The Impact of Competitive Strategies on Performance of Banking Sector; The Mediating Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and Operational Excellence Raza M.,Ali W.,Ivascu L.,Khalid R. 2023 Energies 0
108 The Poisson Inverse Pareto Distribution and Its Application Choopradit B.,Wasinrat S. 2023 Thailand Statistician 0
109 The Potential of Oil Palm Frond Biochar for the Adsorption of Residual Pollutants from Real Latex Industrial Wastewater 2023 International Journal of Environmental Research 0
110 The Relationship Between Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Disclosure and Financial Performance: Evidence from Thailand Khunkaew R.,Yordudom T.,Suttipun M. 2023 Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management 0
111 The potency of herbal extracts and its green synthesized nanoparticle formulation as antibacterial agents against Streptococcus mutans associated biofilms Mordmuang A.,Goodla L.,Bunluepuech K.,Karnjana K.,Jewboonchu J.,Niyomtham N.,Tangngamsakul P. 2023 Biotechnology Reports 0
112 Thermal performance analysis of artificially roughened solar air heater under turbulent pulsating flow with various wave shapes El Bouz M.,Nguyen D.,Alshuraiaan B.,Giao Nguyen V.,Wae-Hayee M.,Ali H.,Abed A.,Farouk N.,Singh P. 2023 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 0
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689 Determining vertical fusion values from digital photographs of healthy eyes Sertsom K.,Montriwet M.,Tengtrisorn S. 2022 International Ophthalmology 0
690 Developing Capacities to Lead Change for Sustainability: A Quasi-Experimental Study of Simulation-Based Learning Showanasai P.,Hallinger P.,Chatpinyakoop C. 2022 Sustainability (Switzerland) 0
691 Developing IoT Telehealth Physical Therapy in Community Potential and Future Pandemics Songwathana P.,Chantachart J.,Inthanuchit K.,Bureekarn S.,Jetwanna K.,Prateepausanont N.,Choksuchat C.,Trakulmaykee N. 2022 2022 IEEE 13th Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference, IEMCON 2022 0
692 Developing an Islamic Teacher: Islamic Cultural Contents in an ELT Textbook in a Muslim High School in Southern Thailand Ambele E.,Boonsuk Y. 2022 Supporting Modern Teaching in Islamic Schools: Pedagogical Best Practice for Teachers 0
693 Developing and evaluating the Teen-Strong life skills programme in Southern Thailand Chupon N.,Purinthrapibal S.,Pummanee T.,Chunuan S.,Tedla Y. 2022 Health Promotion International 0
694 Developing, validating, and pre-testing of a diabetic care self-management mobile health application: A technology-based intervention for patients with diabetes in Malaysia Boonyasopun U.,Jittanoon P.,Firdaus M. 2022 Belitung Nursing Journal 0
695 Development Sangyod rice protein-based formula for cow milk allergic infant and its gut microbiota modulation Wichienchot S.,Madtohsoh M.,Detarun P. 2022 Functional Foods in Health and Disease 0
696 Development and Characterization of Unmodified and Modified Natural Rubber Composites Filled with Modified Clay Kalkornsurapranee E.,Nakaramontri Y.,Keereerak A.,Sukkhata N.,Lehman N.,Sengloyluan K.,Johns J. 2022 Polymers 0
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698 Development and characterization of pluronic F127 and methylcellulose based hydrogels for 3D bioprinting Tantishaiyakul V.,Hirun N.,Boonlai W.,Suknuntha K. 2022 Polymer Bulletin 0
699 Development and internal validation of a nomogram for predicting outcomes in children with traumatic subdural hematoma Tunthanathip T.,Kaewborisutsakul A. 2022 Acute and Critical Care 0
700 Development and validation of a prognostic prediction model including the minor lymphatic pathway for distant metastases in cervical cancer patients Setakornnukul J.,Khorprasert C.,Alisanant P.,Bridhikitti J.,Srirattanapong S.,Thephamongkhol K.,Korpraphong P.,Muangsomboon K.,Sitathanee C.,Lertkhachonsuk A.,Phongkitkarun S.,Prapruttam D.,Dendumrongsup T.,Amornwichet N.,Sasiwimonphan K.,Patumanond J.,Tanprasertkul C.,Dhanachai M. 2022 Scientific Reports 0
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702 Development of Community Pharmacy Competencies Kitikannakorn N.,Parinyarux P.,Wongpoowarak P.,Dhippayom T. 2022 Journal of Pharmacy Technology 1
703 Development of Data-Driven Models to Predict Biogas Production from Spent Mushroom Compost Chaiprapat S.,Yuan Q.,Salehi R. 2022 Agriculture (Switzerland) 1
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705 Development of Flavor and Taste Components of Sous-Vide-Cooked Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fillet as Affected by Various Conditions Benjakul S.,Yongsawatdigul J.,Pongsetkul J.,Boonanuntanasarn S. 2022 Foods 0
706 Development of Free-Standing Titanium Dioxide Hollow Nanofibers Photocatalyst with Enhanced Recyclability Khongnakorn W.,A Rahman R.,A.F. I.,Othman M.,Jafri N.,Jaafar J.,Aziz F.,Salleh W.,Yusof N.,Rahman M. 2022 Membranes 1
707 Development of In Situ Cooling Natural Rubber Film Pichayakorn W.,Chitrattha S. 2022 Key Engineering Materials 0
708 Development of Lab-on-a-Disc Integrated with Resazurin-based Assay for Total Bacterial Counting in Raw Milk Vongkamjan K.,Sripumkhai W.,Saengdee P.,Chamnan P.,Yingkajorn M.,Ranron N.,Pattamang P.,Atthi N.,Jeamsaksiri W. 2022 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 0
709 Development of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) Assays for the Rapid Authentication of Three Swimming Crab Species Saetang J.,Benjakul S. 2022 Foods 0
710 Development of Standardized Cyanthillium cinereum (L.) H.Rob. Extract and Determination of its Biological Activities Puttarak P.,Kaji M. 2022 Natural Products Journal 0
711 Development of Starch-Polyvinyl Alcohol Films-based pH indicator for Detection of Penicillin G Residue in Raw Milk Atthi N.,Saengdee P.,Nuanthong T.,Chamnan P.,Pattamang P.,Thongsook O.,Meananeatra R.,Ranron N.,Pankong K.,Vongkamjan K.,Jeamsaksiri W.,Chokboribal J.,Uahchinkul W. 2022 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 0
712 Development of a Real-Time Knee Extension Monitoring and Rehabilitation System: Range of Motion and Surface EMG Measurement and Evaluation Jindapetch N.,Jaruenpunyasak J.,Sengchuai K.,Kanjanaroat C.,Limsakul C.,Booranawong A.,Tayati W. 2022 Healthcare (Switzerland) 0
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715 Development of a nomogram to predict the outcome of moderate or severe pediatric traumatic brain injury Tunthanathip T.,Oearsakul T. 2022 Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine 0
716 Development of a purpose in life scale for Thai adolescents: A mixed-method study Laimek S.,Suwanphahu B.,Balthip K. 2022 Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences 0
717 Development of antioxidative red dragon fruit bar by using response surface methodology for formulation optimization Benjakul S.,Karnjanapratum S.,Tram G.,Quan T.,Yen T.,Nhung H. 2022 Applied Food Research 0
718 Development of flexible radiation shielding materials from natural Rubber/Sb2O3 composites K?wkhao J.,Kim H.,Wongdamnern N.,Kaewjaeng S.,Tuljittraporn A.,Yonphan S.,Chaiphaksa W.,Kalkornsurapranee E.,Kothan S.,Intachai N.,Kedkaew C. 2022 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 0
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720 Development of herbal juice from Centella asiatica: antioxidant property, nutritional value and shelf life of product Siripongvutikorn S.,Junsi M. 2022 Food Science and Technology (Brazil) 0
721 Development of hydroxyapatite from cuttlebone and gelatin-based hydrogel composite for medical materials Ummartyotin S.,Pongprayoon T.,Tattanon T.,Arpornmaeklong P. 2022 Journal of Polymer Research 0
722 Development of multifunctional hydrogel composite based on poly(vinyl alcohol-g-acrylamide) for removal and photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes Chantarak S.,Kongseng P.,Amornpitoksuk P. 2022 Reactive and Functional Polymers 1
723 Development of starch/chitosan expandable films as a gastroretentive carrier for ginger extract-loaded solid dispersion Wiwattanapatapee R.,Kaewkroek K.,Petchsomrit A.,Wira Septama A. 2022 Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal 0
724 Development of visible light-responsive N-doped TiO2/SiO2 core–shell nanoparticles for photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye Chiarakorn S.,Areerob T.,Samangsri S. 2022 Research on Chemical Intermediates 0
725 Development, Analytical, and Clinical Evaluation of Rapid Immunochromatographic Antigen Test for SARS-CoV-2 Variants Detection Pengsakul T.,Wongwitwichot P.,Nualnoi T.,Senorit C.,Mongkolprasert J.,Szekely J.,Jeayodae N.,Chaimuti P.,Swangphon P.,Nanakorn N. 2022 Diagnostics 1
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727 Diagnostic performance of endoscopic ultrasound-guided tissue acquisition by EUS-FNA versus EUS-FNB for solid pancreatic mass without ROSE: a retrospective study Piratvisuth T.,Kaewdech A.,Attasaranya S.,Chamroonkul N.,Ovartlarnporn B.,Pattarapuntakul T.,Wong T.,Netinatsunton N.,Sottisuporn J.,Sripongpun P.,Jandee S. 2022 World Journal of Surgical Oncology 0
728 Diastereoselective Addition of PhSCF2SiMe3to Chiral N- tert-Butanesulfinyl Ketimines Derived from Isatins: Synthesis of Enantioenriched gem-Difluoromethylenated Spiro-pyrrolidinyl and Spiro-piperidinyl Oxindoles Soorukram D.,Keereewan S.,Kuhakarn C.,Reutrakul V.,Saithong S.,Leowanawat P. 2022 Journal of Organic Chemistry 0
729 Dielectric properties of graphene polymer blends Chaipo S.,Salea A.,Jehlaeh K.,Permana A.,Putson C. 2022 Innovations in Graphene-Based Polymer Composites 0
730 Diesel-Biodiesel-Water Fuel Nanoemulsions for Direct Injection and Indirect Injection Diesel Engines: Performance and Emission Characteristics Somnuk K.,Oo Y.,Thawornprasert J.,Rodniem K.,Intaprom N. 2022 ACS Omega 0
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737 Digestibility, Blood Parameters, Rumen Fermentation, Hematology, and Nitrogen Balance of Goats after Receiving Supplemental Coffee Cherry Pulp as a Source of Phytochemical Nutrients Chanjula P.,Maxiselly Y.,Chiarawipa R.,Prachumchai R.,Suntara C.,Cherdthong A.,Somnuk K.,Hamchara P. 2022 Veterinary Sciences 0
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740 Direct STR typing from human bones Thanakiatkrai P.,Duangsuwan P.,Pradutkanchana J.,Kitpipit T.,Phua C.,Samai W. 2022 Forensic Science International 0
741 Direct determination of ethanol in alcoholic beverages based on its anti-aggregation of melamine-silver nanoparticle assembly Teerasong S.,Wattanasin P.,Choengchan N.,Duangdeewong C. 2022 Talanta 0
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743 Direct product of infinite family of B-Algebras Iampan A.,Prasertpong R.,Chanmanee C.,Chinram R.,Julatha P. 2022 European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics 0
744 Direct synthesis of tetrahydropyran-4-ones via O3ReOH-catalyzed Prins cyclization of 3-chlorohomoallylic alcohols Rukachaisirikul V.,Thiraporn A.,Kaewsen S.,Tadpetch K.,Vijitphan P. 2022 Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 0
745 Discovering the Technology Adoption of Local OTOP Entrepreneurs in Pattani: Exploratory of the Network Structure Matcha W.,Mudor H. 2022 International Journal of Integrated Engineering 0
746 Disinfection By-product Precursor Removal by Biochar Derived from Agricultural Waste Jutaporn P.,Khongnakorn W.,Rattanaboonta W.,Ngernyen Y.,Ritthisoonthorn S.,Songnangrong L. 2022 Applied Environmental Research 0
747 Disparities in universal health coverage for maternal and newborn care in ethnic minorities in South-East Asia Liabsuetrakul T. 2022 WHO South-East Asia journal of public health 0
748 Disruption of cell proliferation and apoptosis balance in the testes of crossbred cattle-yaks affects spermatogenic cell fate and sterility Sato Y.,Otoi T.,Taniguchi M.,Tanihara F.,Kawaguchi M.,Shimazaki M.,Wittayarat M.,Sambuu R.,Sugita A.,Hirata M.,Takagi M. 2022 Reproduction in Domestic Animals 0
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750 Distribution of Microplastics along Mai Khao Coastline, Phuket Khongsang A.,Akkajit P. 2022 Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences 0
751 Distribution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lineages and Drug Resistance in Upper Myanmar Chongsuvivatwong V.,Chaiprasert A.,Mahasirimongkol S.,Palittapongarnpim P.,Phyu A.,Aung S.,Htet K.,Aung H. 2022 Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease 0
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754 Does Transactional Leadership Generate Work Engagement in the Hotel Industry? The Role of Motivating Language and Job Prestige Rabiul M. 2022 Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality and Tourism 0
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757 Drug-induced bowel complications and toxicities: imaging findings and pearls Bangchokdee S.,Prapaisilp P.,Srisajjakul S. 2022 Abdominal Radiology 0
758 Dry-Season Soil and Co-Cultivated Host Plants Enhanced Propagation of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Spores from Sand Dune Vegetation in Trap Culture Klinnawee L.,Noppradit P.,Noirungsee N.,Tenzin U.,Runsaeng P. 2022 Journal of Fungi 0
759 Drying Studies of Oil Palm Decanter Cake for Production of Green Fertilizer Wae-Hayee M.,Wahidon R.,Mohideen Batcha M.,Hamzani S.,Husin A.,Amirnordin S. 2022 Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences 0
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763 Duplicated inferior vena cava, the uncommon cause of decreasing extracorporeal membrane oxygenation blood flow: A case report and review Bhurayanontachai R.,Kowiwattanakarn S. 2022 Perfusion (United Kingdom) 0
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768 E-service portal for freelance community: case study in photography business Thongsri N.,Puttinaovarat S.,Chai-Arayalert S. 2022 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 0
771 EFFICACY OF EXTENDED ORAL TRANEXAMIC ACID ON BLOOD LOSS IN PRIMARY TOTAL KNEE ARTHROPLASTY Hongnaparak T.,Iamthanaporn K.,Yuenyongviwat V.,Dissaneewate K.,Tuntarattanapong P. 2022 Acta Ortopedica Brasileira 0
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778 Economic modelling and simulation analysis of maize-based smallholder farming systems in the Senqu River Valley agroecological zone, Lesotho Jongrungrot V.,Seko Q. 2022 Cogent Food and Agriculture 0
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782 Effect of Ce dopant on photocatalytic properties of CaMoO4 nanoparticles prepared by microwave-assisted method Thongtem T.,Phuruangrat A.,Thongtem S. 2022 Materials Research Innovations 1
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789 Effect of Feeding Discarded Durian Peel Ensiled with Lactobacillus casei TH14 and Additives in Total Mixed Rations on Digestibility, Ruminal Fermentation, Methane Mitigation, and Nitrogen Balance of Thai Native–Anglo-Nubian Goats Chanjula P.,Panyawoot N.,So S.,Cherdthong A. 2022 Fermentation 2
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793 Effect of Hydrothermal Degradation on Flexural Fatigue Strength of Various Cubic-Containing Translucent Zirconia Peampring C.,Kengtanyakich S. 2022 European Journal of Dentistry 0
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796 Effect of Mineral Supplement (Ca, Mg and K) in Water on Developmental Stages and Survival Rate of Mud Crab (Scylla paramamosain Estampador, 1949) Larvae Sookdara A.,Oniam V.,Arkronrat W.,Konsantad R.,Suwanmala J. 2022 Journal of Fisheries and Environment 0
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798 Effect of Palm Oil–Carnauba Wax Oleogel That Processed with Ultrasonication on the Physicochemical Properties of Salted Duck Egg White Fortified Instant Noodles Venkatachalam K.,Rajasekaran B.,Noonim P. 2022 Gels 0
799 Effect of Rhodanese Enzyme Addition on Rumen Fermentation, Cyanide Concentration, and Feed Utilization in Beef Cattle Receiving Various Levels of Fresh Cassava Root Cherdthong A.,Phesatcha K.,Suntara C.,Sommai S.,Supapong C.,Khonkhaeng B.,Prachumchai R.,Chanjula P. 2022 Fermentation 0
800 Effect of Single-Dose Preemptive Systemic Dexamethasone on Postoperative Dysphagia and Odynophagia Following Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery: A Double-Blinded, Prospective, Randomized Controlled Trial Pattanapattana M.,Siribumrungwong K.,Dhanachanvisith N.,Kanjanapirom P. 2022 CiOS Clinics in Orthopedic Surgery 0
801 Effect of Speed Sintering on Low Temperature Degradation and Biaxial Flexural Strength of 5Y-TZP Zirconia Peampring C.,Kongkiatkamon S. 2022 Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) 0
802 Effect of Surface Treatment of Carbon Black Filled Insulation Foam Based on Modified Recycled Palm Oil Saetung N.,Saetung A.,Suwan A.,Uthaipan N.,Kongprabat T.,Chaisit T. 2022 Journal of Polymers and the Environment 0
803 Effect of a purpose in life program on the wellness of Southern Thai adolescents Kritpracha C.,Pasri P.,Balthip K.,Suwanphahu B.,McSherry W. 2022 Journal of Health Research 2
804 Effect of additives on shelf-life of suspension of photosynthetic bacteria tested using full factorial experimental design Sanguanmanasak W.,Boonsawang P. 2022 Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology 0
805 Effect of auxins and cytokinin on micropropagation of Impatiens sirindhorniae Triboun & Suksathan in vitro Chareonsap P.,Samala S.,Kongton K.,Rotchanajinda W.,Suwannakong Y.,Petchsri S.,Yenchon S. 2022 Acta Horticulturae 0
806 Effect of chitooligosaccharide and ?-tocopherol on physical properties and oxidative stability of shrimp oil-in-water emulsion stabilized by bovine serum albumin-chitosan complex Benjakul S.,Nagarajan M.,Singh A.,Rajasekaran B. 2022 Food Control 1
807 Effect of clay addition to Al2O3-agar mixture on pore size and distribution of tubular Al2O3 membrane support fabricated byagar gelcasting Lertwittayanon K.,Udomsri N.,Promsawat M.,Sirijarukul S. 2022 Materials Today: Proceedings 0
808 Effect of concentrated Butt-Joints on flexural properties of laminated Bamboo-Timber flitch beams Kuang J.,Deng Y.,Gharavi N.,Zhang H.,Wong S.,Bahadori-Jahromi A.,Qiao Y.,Limkatanyu S. 2022 Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials 3
809 Effect of dietary coated granules containing garlic oil diallyl disulphide and diallyl trisulphide on performance, in vitro digestibility and gastrointestinal functionality in laying hens Faroongsarng D.,Wattanasit S.,Rodjan P.,Thongprajukaew K. 2022 Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 1
810 Effect of extraction pH and temperature on yield and physicochemical properties of gelatin from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) skin Samakradhamrongthai R.,Sirinupong N.,Renaldi G. 2022 Agriculture and Natural Resources 0
811 Effect of extraction solvents on phenolic compounds and flavonoids from Pongame oiltree (Derris indica [Lamk.] Bennet) aerial parts and their growth inhibition of aquatic pathogenic bacteria Leesakul N.,Charoendat U.,Vittaya L.,Ui-Eng J. 2022 Agriculture and Natural Resources 0
812 Effect of frozen storage and hydrocolloids on structural and rheological properties of frozen roti dough supplemented with rice bran Sirivongpaisal P.,Muadiad K. 2022 Food Science and Technology (Brazil) 0
813 Effect of hybrid carbon black/lignin on rheological, mechanical and thermal stability properties of NR/BR composites Hayeemasae N.,Hussin M.,Mohamad Aini N.,Othman N.,Sahakaro K. 2022 Plastics, Rubber and Composites 1
814 Effect of land cover change and elevation on decadal trend of land surface temperature: a linear model with sum contrast analysis Wongsai N.,Abdulmana S.,Wongsai S.,Lim A. 2022 Theoretical and Applied Climatology 1
815 Effect of oral moisturizers containing chitosan and poloxamer 407 on in vitro biofilm formation of Candida species and Streptococcus mutans Taweechaisupapong S.,Sangsuttiwongsa K.,Jehsama-Ae A.,Ungphaiboon S.,Sarideechaigul W.,Ardpolthai H. 2022 Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology 0
816 Effect of phosphorylated polyvinyl alcohol matrix size of cell entrapment on partial nitrification of ammonia in wastewater Rongsayamanont C.,Jaidumrong T.,Bootrak D.,Rongsayamanont W. 2022 Environmental Technology (United Kingdom) 0
817 Effect of preoperative self-efficacy pain education program on self-efficacy to report pain, pain intensity, and pain interferences among patients undergoing oral and maxillofacial surgery Sae-Sia W.,Zhou M.,Sangchan H. 2022 Journal of Current Science and Technology 0
818 Effect of silver nanoparticles and chlorine reaction time on the regulated and emerging disinfection by-products formation Musikavong C.,Keaonaborn D.,Na-Phatthalung W.,Jaichuedee J.,Sinyoung S.,Keawchouy S. 2022 Environmental Pollution 0
819 Effect of sodium bicarbonate on textural properties and acceptability of gel from unwashed Asian sea bass mince Benjakul S.,Singh A.,Buamard N.,Zhou A. 2022 Journal of Food Science and Technology 0
820 Effect of styrene butadiene rubber on torque properties and morphological properties of kenaf core fiber reinforced polypropylene composites Intapun J.,Rosdi N.,Rosdi N.,Bakar M.,Mohd S.,Mohamed M. 2022 AIP Conference Proceedings 0
821 Effect of synthetic microfiber and viscosity modifier agent on layer deformation, viscosity, and open time of cement mortar for 3D printing application Chindaprasirt P.,Jongvivatsakul P.,Maho B.,Sukontasukkul P.,Panklum K.,Banthia N.,Imjai T.,Limkatanyu S.,Sata V. 2022 Construction and Building Materials 2
822 Effect of two different organic solvents on mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of carbonized wood fiber filled chitosan/polyethylene oxide conductive films Uthaipan N.,Kumar N.,Zainal M.,Jalilah A.,Hanif M.,Mahamud S. 2022 AIP Conference Proceedings 0
823 Effect of ultrasound-assisted pretreatment in combination with heating on characteristics and antioxidant activities of protein hydrolysate from edible bird’s nest co-product Benjakul S.,Chantakun K. 2022 Journal of Food Science and Technology 1
824 Effect of ultraviolet-C radiation and pasteurization on quality and shelf life of refrigerated tender coconut water fortified with edible bird’s nest protein hydrolysate Benjakul S.,Nilsuwan K.,Huda N.,Sumpavapol P.,Chantakun K. 2022 Journal of Food Processing and Preservation 0
825 Effect of vacuum packaging on shelf-life extension of cooked and peeled harpiosquillid mantis shrimp (Harpiosquilla raphidea) during refrigerated storage Benjakul S.,Zhang B.,Singh A.,Temdee W. 2022 International Journal of Food Science and Technology 0
826 Effect of various configurations of swirl generator system on the hydrothermal performance of the flat-plate solar collector Buswig Y.,El-Shorbagyg M.,Mehdi-Rashidi M.,Hashemian M.,Jafarmadar S.,Salem M.,El Haj Assad M.,Wae-Hayee M. 2022 Alexandria Engineering Journal 0
827 Effectiveness of Interactive Learning via Multimedia Technology with Family Support Program among Pregnant Women with Anemia: A Quasi-Experimental Study Chunuan S.,Chatchawet W.,Pinsuwan S. 2022 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research 0
828 Effectiveness of knee acupressure along with herbal knee poultice for knee osteoarthritis treatment: A pilot pre-post clinical study Salaemae M.,Chatawatee B.,Chokpaisarn J.,Yusuf M.,Kongsuwan C.,Waehama F.,Kunworarath N. 2022 Journal of Herbal Medicine 0
829 Effectiveness of oral exercise programs on oral function among independent elderly people: A cluster randomized controlled trial Watanapa A.,Wongworasun S.,Hunsrisakhun J. 2022 Journal of International Oral Health 0
830 Effectiveness of surgical interventions for treating de Quervain's disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis Chuaychoosakoon C.,Suwannaphisit S. 2022 Annals of Medicine and Surgery 0
831 Effectiveness of the Organic Acid-Based Antimicrobial Agent to Prevent Bacterial Contamination in Fish Meal Vongkamjan K.,Charoenwong B.,Yafa A.,Pelyuntha W. 2022 Animals 0
832 Effectiveness, safety, and drug sustainability of biologics in elderly patients with inflammatory bowel disease: A retrospective study Bessissow T.,Afif W.,Hahn G.,LeBlanc J.,Golovics P.,Wetwittayakhlang P.,Qatomah A.,Wang A.,Boodaghians L.,Wild G.,Bitton A.,Lakatos P. 2022 World journal of gastroenterology 0
833 Effects of ?-carrageenan on gel quality of threadfin bream (Nemipterus spp.) surimi containing salted duck egg white powder Hong H.,Wasinnitiwong N.,Benjakul S. 2022 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 0
834 Effects of Agricultural Waste Burning on PM2.5-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Carbonaceous Compositions, and Water-Soluble Ionic Species in the Ambient Air of Chiang-Mai, Thailand Cao J.,Deelaman W.,Iadtem N.,Suttinun O.,Wang Q.,Xing L.,Li G.,Han Y.,Hashmi M.,Palakun J.,ChooChuay C.,Pongpiachan S.,Tipmanee D.,Surapipith V.,Poshyachinda S.,Aukkaravittayapun S. 2022 Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 13
835 Effects of Artonin E on Cell Growth Inhibition and Apoptosis Induction in Colon Cancer LoVo and HCT116 Cells Watanapokasin R.,Sawasjirakij R.,Innajak S.,Yangnok K.,Mahabusarakam W. 2022 Molecules 1
836 Effects of Character Strength-Based Intervention vs Group Counseling on Post-Traumatic Growth, Well-Being, and Depression Among University Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Guangdong, China: A Non-Inferiority Trial Cai W.,Wichaidit W.,Chotipanvithayakul R.,Yu Y. 2022 Psychology Research and Behavior Management 0
837 Effects of Chemical Composition on Microstructure and Properties of High Phosphorus Grey Cast Iron Brake Shoe Yodjan A.,Khuntrakool C.,Janudom S.,Muangjunburee P.,Mahathaninwong N.,Chucheep T.,Chotikarn T. 2022 International Journal of Metalcasting 2
838 Effects of Fungus-Derived Compound N9 on Airway Mucus Secretion: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies Muanprasat C.,Kaewin S.,Worakajit N.,Yimnual C.,Rukachaisirikul V. 2022 FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology 0
839 Effects of HIV-related worries on fertility motivation moderated by living children among couples living with HIV: A dyadic analysis Chongsuvivatwong V.,Wang W.,Wu L.,Guo Y.,Du Y.,Liu J.,Bai J.,Gao J.,Yang Y.,Chen J.,Li C.,Lu N.,Xu Z.,Yan J. 2022 Frontiers in Psychology 0
840 Effects of Human Presence and Movement on Received Signal Strength Levels in a 2.4 GHz Wireless Link: An Experimental Study Booranawong A.,Chaoboworn V.,Dumumpai K.,Vanichpattarakul T.,Wounchoum P.,Saito H. 2022 Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology 0
841 Effects of Kangaroo Care on body temperature of premature infants and maternal satisfaction at Maharaj Nakhon Si Thammarat hospital, Thailand Kusol K.,Bansopit N.,Punthmatharith B.,Eksirinimit T. 2022 Journal of Neonatal Nursing 0
842 Effects of Low-Cost Airlines on Domestic Tourism Economy in Thailand Wongwattanakit C.,Prompitak K.,Law C. 2022 Journal of Environmental Management and Tourism 0
843 Effects of Parental Migration on Dental Caries of Six- to Eight-Year-Old Children Using Structural Equation Modeling Thearmontree A.,Zhang S.,Liu S.,Chongsuvivatwong V. 2022 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 0
844 Effects of Probiotic Fermented Fruit Juice-Based Biotransformation by Lactic Acid Bacteria and Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 on Anti-Salmonella and Antioxidative Properties Sirinupong N.,Laosee W.,Chansuwan W.,Kantachote D. 2022 Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 0
845 Effects of Sous Vide Cooking on the Physicochemical and Volatile Flavor Properties of Half-Shell Scallop (Chlamys farreri) during Chilled Storage Zhang B.,Benjakul S.,Dong K.,Ni J.,Jiang H.,Zhan Y.,Tu C. 2022 Foods 0
846 Effects of Southern Thai Traditional Massage with Warm Compression on Lactation and Breast Engorgement: A Randomized Controlled Trial Phumdoung S.,Chunuan S.,Khoonphet C. 2022 Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research 0
847 Effects of Supplementing Finishing Goats with Mitragyna speciosa (Korth) Havil Leaves Powder on Growth Performance, Hematological Parameters, Carcass Composition, and Meat Quality Cherdthong A.,Prachumchai R.,Chanjula P.,Wungsintaweekul J.,Chiarawipa R.,Phesatcha K.,Suntara C.,Pakdeechanuan P. 2022 Animals 0
848 Effects of Traditional Thai Herbal Formulations in Patients with Obesity and Borderline Hyperlipidemia-A Preliminary Pilot Study Voravuthikunchai S.,Buachum B.,Chanwanitsakul S.,Jawang K.,Kaewmuean T.,Boonya-Arunnate T.,Siriyong T.,Ninbodee K.,Mettriyasakul T.,Thongmongkol P.,Kaewnoi K.,Saeloh D.,Noosak C. 2022 Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research 0
849 Effects of Urea Removal on the Stable Isotopes ?13C and ?15N in Rays from the Coastal Waters of Peninsular Malaysia Fazrul H.,Naimullah M.,Bashir Z.,Lua W.,Abdullah M.,Mostapa R.,Hajisamae S. 2022 Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan dan Kelautan 0
850 Effects of acid concentrations and acid treatment time on structural and textural characteristics of mesoporous zeolite 13X Phalakornkule C.,Intharapat P.,Tontisirin S. 2022 Materials Today: Proceedings 0
851 Effects of alkali treatment duration on properties of Khlum fiber for application as a reinforcement material Kaewtatip K.,Sarak S.,Boonsuk P.,Sukolrat A.,Mayakun J. 2022 International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2
852 Effects of anterior bite planes fabricated from acrylic resin and thermoplastic material on masticatory muscle responses and maximum bite force in children with a deep bite: A 6-month randomised controlled trial Thongudomporn U.,Pairatchawan N.,Nalamliang N.,Wasinwasukul P. 2022 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 0
853 Effects of blood alcohol testing programmes on drinking behaviour among driving crash patients in emergency departments: A cluster quasi-experimental study Pruphetkaew N.,Chomhom P.,Jinwong T.,Wongpratoom J.,Tantidhama N.,Donroman T.,Vichitkunakorn P. 2022 Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour 0
854 Effects of class II intermaxillary elastics on masticatory muscle activity balance, occlusal contact area and masticatory performance: A multicenter randomised controlled trial Thongudomporn U.,Nalamliang N. 2022 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 0
855 Effects of compressive stress combined with mechanical vibration on osteoclastogenesis in RAW 264.7 cells Jitpukdeebodintra S.,Pavasant P.,Suamphan S.,Leethanakul C.,Changkhaokham B. 2022 Angle Orthodontist 0
856 Effects of crude Anthocyanins from three plants on lipid contents in white leg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) Onsanit S.,Limlek P.,Pastsart U.,Plaipetch P.,Ninwichian P. 2022 Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology 0
857 Effects of fish oil replacement by a combination of soybean and palm oil in Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) diet on growth, fatty acid profile, digestive enzyme activity, immune parameters and salinity challenge Tunpairoj W.,Suanyuk N.,Rahman M.,Tantikitti C.,Forster I.,Hlongahlee B. 2022 Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology 1
858 Effects of green tea polyphenols and ?-tocopherol on the quality of chilled cat spermatozoa and sperm IZUMO1 protein expression during long-term preservation Chatdarong K.,Wittayarat M.,Otoi T.,Kupthammasan N.,Panyaboriban S. 2022 Animal Reproduction Science 1
859 Effects of mesh size, fishing depth and season on the catch and discards of short mackerel Rastrelliger brachysoma gillnet fishery at the mouth of Pattani Bay, Thailand Hajisamae S.,Pradit S.,Soe K.,Jaafar Z. 2022 Fisheries Science 1
860 Effects of potential probiotics on the expression of cytokines and human ?-defensins in human gingival epithelial cells and in vivo efficacy in a dog model Teanpaisan R.,Duangnumsawang Y.,Pahumunto N. 2022 Archives of Oral Biology 0
861 Effects of processing parameters on the properties of fully bio-based poly (butylene succinate-co-adept) and epoxidized natural rubber blend filled with agarwood waste: A taguchi analysis Limhengha S.,Nun-Anan P.,Faibunchan P.,Yangthong H.,Karrila S. 2022 Polymer Testing 0
862 Effects of standardized [6]-gingerol extracts and [6]-gingerol on isolated ileum and lower esophageal sphincter contractions in mice Panichayupakaranant P.,Promdam N.,Khuituan P. 2022 Food Chemistry 0
863 Effects of static mixers on continuous methyl ester production: comparing four types of 3D-printed mixing elements Somnuk K.,Pongraktham K. 2022 Reaction Chemistry and Engineering 0
864 Effects of tank color on the growth, survival rate, stress response, and skin color of juvenile hybrid catfish (Clarias macrocephalus ? Clarias gariepinus) Limlek P.,Phuwan N.,Ninwichian P. 2022 Aquaculture 1
865 Effects of the interaction between a clip domain serine protease and a white spot syndrome virus protein on phenoloxidase activity Runsaeng P.,Utarabhand P.,Thongsoi R.,Kwankaew P.,Madsari N. 2022 Developmental and Comparative Immunology 1
866 Effects of the timing of electroporation during in vitro maturation on triple gene editing in porcine embryos using CRISPR/Cas9 system Otoi T.,Namula Z.,Wittayarat M.,Hirata M.,Lin Q.,van Nguyen T.,Do L.,Takebayashi K.,Tanihara F. 2022 Veterinary and Animal Science 0
867 Effects of trans-(?)-kusunokinin on chemosensitive and chemoresistant ovarian cancer cells Graidist P.,Mad-Adam N.,Tanawattanasuntorn T.,Rattanaburee T. 2022 Oncology Letters 0
868 Effects of various logistics packaging on the quality and microbial variation of bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) Deng S.,Weng X.,Xian W.,Cheng Z.,Pan W.,Yu J.,Benjakul S.,Ying X.,Guidi A. 2022 Frontiers in Nutrition 0
869 Effects of water-soluble curcuminoid-rich extract in a solid dispersion form (CRE-SD) on the sperm characteristics, longevity and casein kinase II catalytic subunit alpha protein stability in chilled goat semen Panyaboriban S.,Wittayarat M.,Kupthammasan N.,Panichayupakaranant P.,Wattanachant C.,Didas N. 2022 Cryobiology 0
870 Effects on growth metrics, fillet composition, and health biomarkers of juvenile striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) when commercial feed is replaced with graded levels of restaurant food waste Saekhow S.,Nuntapong N.,Khaudtong C.,Thongprajukaew K.,Hahor W. 2022 Aquaculture International 0
871 Efficacy of Moraceae with chlorhexidine mouthwash on the microbial flora of critically ill intubated patients: a randomized controlled pilot study Vattanavanit V.,Uppanisakorn S.,Teanpaisan R.,Siriyanyongwong P.,Pahumunto N. 2022 Scientific Reports 0
872 Efficacy of Phytochemicals Derived from Roots of Rondeletia odorata as Antioxidant, Antiulcer, Diuretic, Skin Brightening and Hemolytic Agents—A Comprehensive Biochemical and In Silico Study Basit A.,Tabassum S.,Ghalloo B.,Khurshid U.,Ovatlarnporn C.,Khursheed A.,Ahmad S.,Khan K.,Tousif M.,Aati H.,Rao H. 2022 Molecules 0
873 Efficacy of Roflumilast in Bronchiectasis Patients with Frequent Exacerbations: A Double-Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Clinical Trial Panyarath P.,Juthong S. 2022 Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases 0
874 Efficacy of a Combined Intramedullary, Periarticular Injection, and Intraarticular Tranexamic Acid Application on Postoperative Bleeding in Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Retrospective Case-Matched Study Yuenyongviwat V.,Tuntarattanapong P.,Hongnaparak T.,Iamthanaporn K. 2022 Advances in Orthopedics 0
875 Efficacy of anaerobic membrane bioreactor under intermittent liquid circulation and its potential energy saving against a conventional activated sludge for industrial wastewater treatment Chaiprapat S.,Saritpongteeraka K.,Thongsai A.,Phuttaro C.,Charnnok B.,Noophan P.,Bae J. 2022 Energy 1
876 Efficiency of homemade egg-based diet for male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) Thongprajukaew K.,Saekhow S.,Rungruangsak-Torrissen K.,Nuntapong N. 2022 ScienceAsia 0
877 Efficiency of interaction between hybrid fillers carbon black/lignin with various rubber-based compatibilizer, epoxidized natural rubber, and liquid butadiene rubber in NR/BR composites: Mechanical, flexibility and dynamical properties Hayeemasae N.,Othman N.,Sahakaro K.,Hussin M.,Mohamad Aini N. 2022 Industrial Crops and Products 0
878 Efficient heat extraction from the storage zone of solar pond by structurally improved spiral pipes; numerical simulation/experimental validation Wae-Hayee M.,Dahari M.,Jafarmadar S.,Hashemian M.,El-Shorbagy M.,Rahman A. 2022 Energy Reports 0
879 Efficient pyrolysis process of lignin over dual catalyst bed for the production of Phenols and Aromatics Sohail M.,Hayat A.,Alenad A.,Taha T.,Muhammad S.,Ali H.,Uddin I.,Al-Sehemi A.,Hamad N.,AlSalem H.,Palamanit A. 2022 South African Journal of Botany 0
880 Elastic solutions of axisymmetrically loaded half-space with surface and couple stress effects Rungamornrat J.,Intarit P.,Le T.,Lawongkerd J.,Keawsawasvong S.,Limkatanyu S. 2022 Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 0
881 Electric Energy Management for Plug-in Electric Vehicles Charging in the Distribution System by a dual cascade scheduling algorithm Chalermyanont K.,Panichtanakom S. 2022 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems 0
882 Electro fabrication of molecularly imprinted sensor based on Pd nanoparticles decorated poly-(3 thiophene acetic acid) for progesterone detection Hegde G.,Benny L.,Cherian A.,George A.,Varghese A.,Sirimahachai U. 2022 Electrochimica Acta 2
883 Electrochemical sensor for methamphetamine detection using laser-induced porous graphene electrode Limbut W.,Lee K.,Kanatharana P.,Saisahas K.,Soleh A.,Somsiri S.,Senglan P.,Promsuwan K.,Saichanapan J.,Thavarungkul P.,Chang K.,Tayayuth K.,Abdullah A. 2022 Nanomaterials 2
884 Electronic and optical properties of lead halide perovskite (MAPbX3) (X = I, Br, and Cl) by first principles calculations Rassamesard A.,Thatribud A. 2022 Physica Scripta 0
885 Electrospinning of gelatin/chitosan nanofibers incorporated with tannic acid and chitooligosaccharides on polylactic acid film: Characteristics and bioactivities Benjakul S.,Tagrida M.,Gulzar S.,Nilsuwan K.,Prodpran T. 2022 Food Hydrocolloids 0
886 Elimination of selected heavy metals from aqueous solutions using biochar and bentonite composite monolith in a fixed-bed operation Yilmaz M.,Chowdhury M.,Qaisrani Z.,Techato K.,Asadullah u.,Kaewsichan L. 2022 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 3
887 Embedding Aromatic Conjugated Monomer within Carbon Nitride for Efficient Photocatalytic Reduction Reactions Zeng H.,Kumar A.,Qadeer A.,Al-Sehemi A.,Nawawi W.,Amin M.,Ajmal Z.,Taha T.,Palamanit A.,Kalam A.,Algarni H.,Ali H.,Qian J.,Hayat A. 2022 Journal of Molecular Liquids 0
888 Emergency decision support modeling under generalized spherical fuzzy Einstein aggregation information Chinram R.,Ashraf S.,Abdullah S. 2022 Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 2
889 Emotion and problem focused coping by transgender adolescents and young adults with family social support and exclusion: A case study in Southern Thailand Arunberkfa N.,Vadevelu K. 2022 Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services 0
890 Employer branding: Confirmation of a measurement model and its implication for managing the workforce Sreejith S.,Chanchaichujit J.,Lindsay V.,Balasubramanian S.,Sarabdeen Dr J. 2022 Journal of General Management 0
891 Employing a Long-Short-Term Memory Neural Network to Improve Automatic Sleep Stage Classification of Pharmaco-EEG Profiles Karrila S.,Alsolai H.,Qureshi S.,Henesey L.,Cheaha D.,Ameer A.,Iqbal S. 2022 Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 0
892 Employing numerical method for evaluating the heat transfer rate of a hot tube by nanofluid natural convection Wae-Hayee M.,Althobaiti A.,Wu Y.,Mansir I.,Cao Y.,Huynh P.,Mohamed A.,Nguyen D.,Dahari M. 2022 Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 0
893 Energy Conservation and Firm Performance in Thailand: Comparison between Energy-Intensive and Non-Energy-Intensive Industries Madi H.,Suttipun M.,Lakkanwanit P.,Dungtripop W. 2022 Energies 0
894 Energy conversion of electrostrictive poly(vinylidenefluorideco-hexafluoropropylene)/Graphene composites Putson C.,Thainiramit P.,Ruadroew R. 2022 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 0
895 Energy-based fuzzy supervisory non integer control for performance improvement of PMSG-Based marine energy system under swell effect and parameter uncertainties Techato K.,Shaw R.,Achour A.,Belkhier Y.,Ullah N.,Chowdhury S. 2022 Renewable Energy 0
896 Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity of N/Li2MoO4 Co-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles under Visible Light Sangchay W.,Kokoo R.,Khangkhamano M. 2022 Applied Science and Engineering Progress 0
897 Enhanced antibacterial effect of a novel Friunavirus phage vWU2001 in combination with colistin against carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Smith D.,Phaonakrop N.,Wintachai P.,Roytrakul S.,Surachat K.,Voravuthikunchai S.,Naknaen A.,Pomwised R. 2022 Scientific Reports 3
898 Enhanced coagulation process for removing dissolved organic matter, microplastics, and silver nanoparticles Sinyoung S.,Keawchouy S.,Musikavong C.,Jaichuedee J.,Keaonaborn D.,Na-Phatthalung W. 2022 Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part A Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering 0
899 Enhanced efficiency of in vitro plant regeneration of caladium (Caladium bicolor cv. 'Khum Thong') through young leaf culture Yenchon S.,Chadakan N.,Niha C.,Te-Chato S.,Heedchim W. 2022 ScienceAsia 0
900 Enhanced photocatalysis of natural rubber foams filters boosted by modified-titanium oxide hybrid fillers: Gaseous benzene removal, antibacterial properties and air permeability Nakaramontri Y.,Johns J.,Nip R.,Waraho-Zhmayev D.,Toh-Ae P.,Saramolee P.,Chiarakorn S.,Kamthong A.,Kalkornsurapranee E.,Promoppatum P. 2022 Express Polymer Letters 0
901 Enhanced photocatalytic overall water splitting from an assembly of donor-?-acceptor conjugated polymeric carbon nitride Ajmal Z.,Alhadhrami A.,Al-Hartomy O.,Al-Sehemi A.,Hayat A.,Sohail M.,Anwar U.,Taha T.,el-Nasser K.,Alenad A.,Ahmad Alghamdi N.,Amin M.,Palamanit A.,Nawawi W.,Mane S. 2022 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2
902 Enhanced production of astaxanthin and co-bioproducts from microalga Haematococcus sp. integrated with valorization of industrial wastewater under two-stage LED light illumination strategy Srinuanpan S.,Maneechote W.,Cheirsilp B.,Wantip K.,Chai-Issarapap N.,Pekkoh J.,Pathom-Aree W.,Pumas C.,Ruangrit K.,Duangjan K. 2022 Environmental Technology and Innovation 0
903 Enhancement of surface sterilization protocol for in vitro propagation of Impatiens sirindhorniae Thammasiri K.,Rotjanajinda V.,Samala S.,Kongton K.,Yenchon S.,Petchsri S.,Suwannakong Y.,Buakaew P.,Chareonsap P.,Pengjun W.,Thepsuriwong S.,Suleethat N.,Nongkaew S. 2022 Acta Horticulturae 0
904 Enhancing cellular structure, mechanical properties, thermal stability and flame retardation of EVA/NR blend nanocomposite foams by silicon dioxide-based flame retardant Lopattananon N.,Walong A.,Thongnuanchan B.,Sakai T.,Uthaipan N. 2022 Progress in Rubber, Plastics and Recycling Technology 0
905 Enhancing nutritional care with egg white supplementation on serum albumin level for home-based bed-ridden elderly patients Rakpanusit T.,Detarun P.,Isaramalai S.,Srichamnanturakit V. 2022 Functional Foods in Health and Disease 0
906 Enhancing the Biological Activities of Food Protein-Derived Peptides Using Non-Thermal Technologies: A Review Truong T.,Olatunde O.,Gill H.,Fadimu G.,Le T.,Farahnaky A. 2022 Foods 0
907 Enhancing the utility of antroduodenal manometry in pediatric intestinal pseudo-obstruction Thapar N.,Borrelli O.,Saliakellis E.,Chanpong A.,Cronin H.,Rampling D.,Ashworth M.,Eaton S.,Rybak A.,Lindley K. 2022 Neurogastroenterology and Motility 2
908 Enhancing the water-solubility of curcuminoids-rich extract using a ternary inclusion complex system: Preparation, characterization, and anti-cancer activity Panichayupakaranant P.,Yuenyongsawad S.,Lateh L.,Kaewnopparat N. 2022 Food Chemistry 7
909 Enrichment of T-cell proliferation and memory gene signatures of CD79A/CD40 costimulatory domain potentiates CD19CAR-T cell functions Julamanee J.,Maneechai K.,Choochuen P.,Ung S.,Khopanlert W.,Sangkhathat S.,Terakura S. 2022 Frontiers in Immunology 0
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